Do you have customer service?2019-02-03T15:11:43-07:00

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.  Just email info@know-med.com or call/text us at 602-899-5341.

How much tutoring will I need, and what do you charge?2019-02-03T14:36:45-07:00

Depending on your timetable for sitting for your licensing exam, work schedule, and exam score goals, we suggest tutoring sessions daily to weekly, and exact times for these sessions are to be worked out with your tutors on initial contact.  We only hire practicing physicians who are experts in tutoring, and our average hourly rate is 190$. We offer discounts for tutoring session purchases over 10 hours, and will provide you with specifics on request.

We know that this seems like a high price to pay, but we believe that everyone in the medical profession has the right to invest in themselves and their future.  Achieving the score needed to get you into your choice residency or fellowship is of the utmost importance, and will be a bigger payout in the end.


How do you select your tutors/advisors?2018-08-06T10:56:16-07:00

Each one of our tutors is an M.D. currently in practice, whether that be in residency or beyond, and has experience in tutoring for the licensing examinations that we contract them for.  Each tutor goes through a rigorous interview, where we look not only at board examination scores to be past our cutoff margin, but also ability to teach. At Know-Med, we believe that just because you have the ability to score well on an examination, doesn’t mean you are equipped to pass that information onto others.  Our tutors are constantly evaluated, and we look closely at all the feedback we obtain.

How much will having a 1-on-1 tutor affect my score?2018-08-06T10:56:48-07:00

All of the MD tutors have success in getting their students the scores they desire.  Score improvements average 20-40 over the three licensing examinations, Step 1, 2, and 3.   It is crucial that the student keep in mind that having a tutor does not guarantee them to get the score they want.  At Know-Med, our tutors help you optimize your learning, by identifying areas of weakness and strength, recognizing high yield material, and creating a personal plan for you.  We aid you in getting the score you want, and expect you to work with our tutors every step of the way.

What materials will my tutors use?2018-08-06T10:57:55-07:00

We believe the gold standard for test preparation is the First Aid prep for the USMLE Licensing Examinations.  While tutors also use USMLEWorld qbanks, master the boards, and others, they pick the preparation material that you will benefit the most from.

Is there a schedule or lesson plan my tutor uses?2018-08-06T10:58:29-07:00

Our tutors tailor a lesson plan and schedule to fit each individual student, based on what goal they have set out for their board score.  Our tutors take into account your weaknesses, your strengths, and your desired exam score, to custom fit a tutoring/studying schedule to your needs.

How will my tutoring sessions take place?2018-08-06T10:59:16-07:00

Most of our tutoring is done online through video platforms such as skype and facetime.  We understand time is valuable, both to the student and the tutor. This way, you get all the benefit of a 1-on-1 tutor, with the convenience of being able to receive tutoring sessions where and when you want it.

If in person tutoring is desired, we work with you to connect you with a tutor in your area.  We cannot guarantee we have someone available to meet locally in your region of the country, but we try our best to accommodate all of our students.

Why 1-on-1 tutoring over preparing on my own?2018-08-06T11:00:42-07:00

For many physicians, board prep can be accomplished on their own.  We don’t believe any form of tutoring can replace studying on your own.  What we hope to do, is augment that self preparation. By having an expert personalize a plan for you, and help identify areas of weaknesses, you can achieve the score you deserve.